Nurturing our Spirituality

          Learn to Accept that Death is Natural

It helps to recognise ourselves as part of a great cycle and find comfort in the fact that everyone else must go through the same thresholds: conception, birth and death.

Whether you are religious or not, rituals are important for creating a sense of meaning in life. They also give continuity to our existence. A ritual can be as simple as taking a walk every afternoon or lighting a candle each morning. You can recognise a seasonal change or something emotional or physical happening in your life. The choice is completely yours.

The funeral ritual, whatever form that takes, belongs as much to the bereaved as it does to the deceased. It is not helpful to the immediate, or long term grieving process if that ritual belongs to neither. That is, if it was alien in the life of the person who has died, and is alien to the experiences of those left behind. Getting the right balance in this essential right of passage is important and is key to the peace of mind.