Memento Mori

              Thinking about death

The Latin phrase ‘memento mori’ translates as ‘remember you are going to die’. This is the foundation of befriending your death. Taking hold of the reality of our death is the first step to controlling how we relate to that fact. However it’s easy to believe we’ve considered death in a significant manner by simply acknowledging, once in a while, with perhaps a shudder or shiver running up the spine, that “Yes, that could happen to me.” Then, having ‘thought the thought’ we may quickly shove the recognition—I will die; I do not know when that will happen—back into the recesses of the mind. Then we return to our mundane perspectives, without this crucial recollection being held in awareness.

does not bring it any closer

Another possible translation of ‘memento mori’ is ‘be mindful of your death’. This is a totally different proposition and one that underpins everything that we examine and explore at Befriending Death. Watch the following video and copy this short and simple exercise regularly. Perhaps the same time every day, maybe when you get up in the morning. It only takes a few moments, unless you want to make it longer. Use it a healthy tool to regularly access what is important in your life.

               but sooner, or later…………….