Papyrus – prevention of young suicide

If you travel around South Molton in North Devon, you may notice the occasional car with a number plate inside the front windscreen bearing the word WREN. In case you don’t know the reason for this, Wren is the nickname of a young local man, Craig Rendle, who tragically took his own life a few…

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I am going to die

Another lovely and thought provoking piece by John Pavlovitz.   I know two things about my death: I know I’m going to die. I also know that when the time comes, it will likely come as a surprise to me. Death is usually like that; it arrives as a rude interruption—leaving work undone, conversations unresolved,…

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On the Day I Die

Earlier this year, I came across a very moving web post by church pastor John Pavlovitz. John beautifully put into words the sentiments that motivate me and others who work to promote the importance of increased awareness of our mortality. The post is reproduced below with John’s kind permission   On the Day I die   On the die I…

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Dying Matters

The Befriending Death project in support of Dying Matters Awareness Week in Barnstaple. Displays, information, videos and most importantly of all, some profound conversations.

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Many people are afraid of dying

This week is Dying Matters Awareness Week and, as I have done for the past four years, I will be running an event in Barnstaple, North Devon, to support the week. Last year I was involved in a combined event with a number of other organisations and voluntary groups and as part of the exhibition…

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How do you talk to people about death?

  Trying to encourage people to talk about dying and death can be difficult in the easiest of circumstances. Trying to do so in the middle of a cold and windy city high street, when people are keen to go about their business, is another matter all together. Respect to my colleagues  Aly and Max…

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Five ways to make a funeral ceremony yours

Plan it in advance. If you do not talk to your family about your funeral, or make your funeral wishes known in advance, it is unlikely that your funeral will be as you would want it. You can take out a funeral plan, simply write down your wishes and attach them to your will, or leave…

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Five gifts that come with being a funeral director

Working in Thin Places, or Sacred Space. I do not only mean churches, chapels or other places of worship, although these are a big part of the picture. It is far deeper than that. Everything about your daily work, your environment, your tasks and your role becomes sacred. Profound in meaning and practice. Spiritual, sacred and precious.…

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